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Vacations Magazine

Want to know how to make the most of your vacation time and dollar? Vacations has the answers for you and your family This insider's guide to money-wise travel contains the top destinations for any type of getaway, money-saving recommendations and hints, how to m...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
NetmagazinesUSA, Can., Intl.Vacations Magazine4$9.95Subscribe
Magazines.comUSA OnlyVacations Magazine4$14.00Subscribe
MagazineValuesUSA, Can.Vacations Magazine4$6.97Subscribe
MagazineCityUSA, Can., Intl.Vacations Magazine??$12.00Subscribe
MagazinesQuickUSA OnlyVacations Magazine4$9.95Subscribe
MagazineAgentUSA OnlyVacations Magazine6$14.00Subscribe
MagazineMasterUSA OnlyVacations Magazine??$9.95Subscribe
MagsForLessUSA OnlyVacations Magazine4$7.42Subscribe

Valentine New York

Valentine New York The Magazine, connects art lovers with, Gallery Owners, Collectors, Dealers, and Artists of African descent worldwide. This glossy journal brings you art reviews, information on museum and gallery shows; and intimate artist profiles...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
Magazines.comUSA OnlyValentine New York4$19.00Subscribe

Vanidades Magazine

The Latin woman's beauty fashion leader, Vanidades covers all the bases--from profiles of the top names in Latin culture to way of life recommendations to the most recent beauty and fashion looks and trends. Plus, a look at today's greatest crossover Latina entertainers, f...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
Magazines.comUSA OnlyVanidades Magazine26$55.00Subscribe
MagazineValuesUSA, Can.Vanidades Magazine26$34.97Subscribe
MagazineCityUSA, Can., Intl.Vanidades Magazine??$39.00Subscribe
MagazinesQuickUSA OnlyVanidades Magazine26$78.00Subscribe
MagazineAgentUSA OnlyVanidades Magazine26$29.99Subscribe
MagazineMasterUSA OnlyVanidades Magazine??$78.00Subscribe
MagsForLessUSA OnlyVanidades Magazine26$51.58Subscribe

Vanidades Continental

Vaninades is the favourite Spanish-language women's magazine, edited to serve the particular interests of the modern Latin woman, with features on beauty, fashion and home decor.

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
NetmagazinesUSA, Can., Intl.Vanidades Continental26$39.00Subscribe
AllZinesUSA OnlyVanidades Continental26$78.00Subscribe

Vanity Fair Magazine

VANITY FAIR introduces the issues, events and individuals which define the times. This chronicle of modern culture features art, entertainment, politics, business, and the media. Every issue contains thorough covering and profiles targeted to a young, afflu...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
NetmagazinesUSA, Can., Intl.Vanity Fair Magazine12$15.00Subscribe
Magazines.comUSA OnlyVanity Fair Magazine12$18.00Subscribe
MagazineValuesUSA, Can.Vanity Fair Magazine12$18.00Subscribe
MagazineCityUSA, Can., Intl.Vanity Fair Magazine??$15.00Subscribe
MagazinesQuickUSA OnlyVanity Fair Magazine12$18.00Subscribe
MagazineAgentUSA OnlyVanity Fair Magazine12$18.00Subscribe
MagazineMasterUSA OnlyVanity Fair Magazine??$18.00Subscribe
MagsForLessUSA OnlyVanity Fair Magazine12$19.49Subscribe
AllZinesUSA OnlyVanity Fair Magazine12$15.00Subscribe
UKSubscribeUK OnlyVanity Fair Magazine??£29.70Subscribe
TheMagazineGroupUK OnlyVanity Fair Magazine??£13.60Subscribe

VARBusiness Magazine

VARBusiness provides IT Solution Providers with exclusive research and insightful editorial to help them make strategic business and technology decisions. Unlike other publications that just report IT headlines, VARBusiness - with its intimate and extensi...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
Magazines.comUSA OnlyVARBusiness Magazine26$.00Subscribe

Variations Magazine

Variations Magazine is a pleasure guide for liberated lovers which offers the reader a window into the boudoir of America's most thrilling couples.

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
MagazineCityUSA, Can., Intl.Variations Magazine??$30.00Subscribe
MagsForLessUSA OnlyVariations Magazine12$44.13Subscribe

Variety Magazine

Variety is the bible of the showbiz industry. Whether it's film or television, music or radio, interactive media or publishing, Variety delivers unsurpassed insight into the fast aced world of entertainment.

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
Magazines.comUSA OnlyVariety Magazine52$279.00Subscribe
MagazineCityUSA, Can., Intl.Variety Magazine??$299.00Subscribe
MagazineAgentUSA OnlyVariety Magazine52$150.00Subscribe
MagsForLessUSA OnlyVariety Weekly52$571.95Subscribe

Variety Word Find Collection

We do not presently have a description for Variety Word Find Collection.

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
MagazineAgentUSA OnlyVariety Word Find Co...6$14.50Subscribe

Vegas Magazine

Vegas Magazine is an ultra-classy, sexy, celebrity and fashion oriented journal which captures the mystique and sensuality which is Las Vegas. You won't locate hard-hitting journalism, but you will get a peek at the beautiful people, both those who live h...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
Magazines.comUSA OnlyVegas Magazine10$19.95Subscribe

Vegetarian Times Magazine

From snacks to complete course meals, Vegetarian Times offers healthier new recipes for classic food dishes. In every issue, you'll locate seasonal menus, health news, advisories, geat reports, and research findings, as well as guidance on diet, exercise and nutriti...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
NetmagazinesUSA, Can., Intl.Vegetarian Times10$19.90Subscribe
Magazines.comUSA OnlyVegetarian Times10$12.00Subscribe
MagazineValuesUSA, Can.Vegetarian Times12$4.97Subscribe
MagazineCityUSA, Can., Intl.Vegetarian Times??$12.00Subscribe
MagazinesQuickUSA OnlyVegetarian Times12$19.95Subscribe
MagazineAgentUSA OnlyVegetarian Times10$11.95Subscribe
MagazineMasterUSA OnlyVegetarian Times??$19.95Subscribe
MagsForLessUSA OnlyVegetarian Times12$7.44Subscribe
AllZinesUSA OnlyVegetarian Times10$11.95Subscribe