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C4ISR Journal Magazine

C4ISR Journal, previously ISR Journal, was launched in 2002 to fill the need for an definitive information source on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, a fast-growing field which is shaping the face of modern warfare. C4ISR has rapidly become...

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MagazineCityUSA, Can., Intl.C4ISR Journal??$65.00Subscribe

Cabelas Outfitter Journal

Cabela's Outfitter Journal and Grand View Media Group have teamed up to bring you Cabela's Outfitter Journal. No other national hunting and fishing magazine features specialized information for each region in the country - from the southeast to the northw...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
MagazineValuesUSA, Can.Cabelas Outfitter Jo...6$9.97Subscribe
MagazinesQuickUSA OnlyCabelas Outfitter Jo...6$12.99Subscribe
MagazineMasterUSA OnlyCabelas Outfitter Jo...??$12.99Subscribe
MagsForLessUSA OnlyCabelas Outfitter Jo...6$10.90Subscribe


CABINETMAKER is edited for wood products manufacturers in five key industry segments; residential and commercial cabinets, custom furniture, store fixtures, millwork and other wood products at facilities with fewer than 20 employees. Editorial deals with...

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Magazines.comUSA OnlyCABINETMAKER Magazine12$.00Subscribe

Cabin Life Magazine

Cabin Life: Written to be engaging, educational and fun, Cabin Life, Cabin Living will focus on the whole range of cabin life and cabin culture, from recreation and boating to home improvement, maintenance and finance as well as entertaining and din...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
NetmagazinesUSA, Can., Intl.Cabin Life Magazine6$22.00Subscribe
Magazines.comUSA OnlyCabin Life Magazine7$22.00Subscribe
MagazineValuesUSA, Can.Cabin Life Magazine6$22.00Subscribe
MagazinesQuickUSA OnlyCabin Life Magazine6$22.00Subscribe
MagazineMasterUSA OnlyCabin Life Magazine??$22.00Subscribe
MagsForLessUSA OnlyCabin Life Magazine6$10.59Subscribe
AllZinesUSA OnlyCabin Life Magazine6$22.00Subscribe

Cable Magazine

Cable: Cable gives you all the inside information on all your cable programs and keeps you recent.

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MagsForLessUSA OnlyCable Magazine12$55.78Subscribe

Cabling Installation & Maintenance

CABLING INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE is edited for installers of premises and campus-wide communications systems who face constantly evolving standards, products and technology. Keeping pace with these changes requires access to information from peers who a...

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Magazines.comUSA OnlyCabling Installation...12$.00Subscribe

Cage & Aviary Birds

Dedicated to the needs of the bird ‘fancy’ or community Cage & Aviary Birds is the only weekly journal dedicated to the hobby of keeping breeding showing and trading birds. It offers news education entertainment and an advertising service to the bi...

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UKSubscribeUK OnlyCage & Aviary Birds??£54.80Subscribe

Calcio Italia Magazine

Calcio Italia is the top Italian Football magazine. With unrivalled access to Italy's top stars and coaches, and employing the top Italian football journalists, the magazine gives readers the complete Calcio fix every month...

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TheMagazineGroupUK OnlyCalcio Italia??£12.49Subscribe

California Game & Fish

No state in America offers as much natural beauty and gaming opportunity as California, and if you are an outdoor enthusiast, then California Game & Fish is the perfect magazine. Every issue details the top locations to hunt and fish throughout the state, pl...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
Magazines.comUSA OnlyCalifornia Game & Fish12$14.97Subscribe
MagazineAgentUSA OnlyCalifornia Game & Fish12$14.97Subscribe
MagsForLessUSA OnlyCalifornia Game & Fish12$14.46Subscribe

California Home & Design

California Home & Design Magazine finds new, educational and eye-catching ways to depict the luxury, sophistication and natural beauty of California home creation. With 260,000 readers throughout the Bay Area alone, California Home and Design has informed a...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
Magazines.comUSA OnlyCalifornia Home & De...12$28.00Subscribe
MagazineCityUSA, Can., Intl.California Home & De...??$28.00Subscribe

California Wild Magazine

California Wild: Natural Sciences for Thinking Animals, a science and natural history magazine which covers the top and especially the Golden State's fantastic biological and geographical diversity. It also serves as a naturalist's guide to California...

CompanyShips ToMagazineIssuesPrice
MagazineCityUSA, Can., Intl.California Wild??$11.00Subscribe
MagazineAgentUSA OnlyCalifornia Wild4$11.00Subscribe